Implemented for Veliko Tarnovo Municipality eMunicipaly consists of the following components:

eHome, which provides:

  • Electronic registry management for condominiums
  • Digitized book and information of condominium owners
  • Digitalized data base of building construction (concrete slab, monolithic), number of floors and the number of objects (apartments, shops, offices, etc.).

Parking management which incorporates the following functionalities:

  • Real-time information of the available parking places
  • SMS payment dependent on the parking zone type and time zone
  • Detailed reports in real time on the number of parked vehicles, unpaid places, average check-up time, information on traffic load, controllers’ activities reports, repatriation units’ reports
  • Registry of all incidents and KPIs on problem resolve


eCity which provides the following services:

  • a single point of access to key initiatives of the municipality, news, public procurement, European projects and guidelines for the application, investment portfolio, cultural and other major events;
  • Monitoring and control of municipality desicions and obligations, including interactive map of snow plough activities
  • Easy and convenient access to all administrative structures and administrative services of the municipality with or without the usage of electronic signature
  • Integration with national registers with citizens and business information and identification data
  • Possibility to request and pay for the electronic services for citizens and the business
  • Poddibility to pay due taxes online and via mobile phone for citizens and the business

Possibility to trace the process of requested service in accordance with regulatory deadlines